It never rains for Tinopona Katsande – Her “husband” has walked out on her !


1. Television and radio personality Tinopona “Tin Tin” Katsande’s “husband” has walked out on her, sensationally claiming the two were never married.

Tin Tin’s celebrated “marriage” to Chigariro (33) delivered a “miracle baby” as she had previously said she could not bear children due to aggressive endometriosis.

In an unsolicited interview with The Sunday Mail Leisure, Chigariro said 37-year-old Tin Tin had lied that he was her husband in order to protect her reputation because she had fallen pregnant.

Efforts to contact Tin Tin were fruitless as her phone was not available while alternative numbers went unanswered.

A mobile phone number belonging to Tin Tin’s maid, which we obtained from her friend (name withheld) was answered but the maid said her boss was not around. Subsequent calls were not answered.

Tin Tin has had to endure a doctor’s news that she would not have children, a sex video scandal, and dismissal from ZiFM Stereo where she was a presenter.

Things appeared to be looking up when she announced she was married and that she would have a baby. Now the man she said was her husband claims there was never a civil or customary union with Tino.

“The whole marriage debacle was just a stunt meant to protect her reputation since she was carrying a child,” said Chigariro.