An apostolic sect prophet has been arrested in Zvimba for inserting a cooking stick in the privates of his clients and later raping them as part of “rituals” to cast out evil spirits.

Madzibaba Iden Muzvondiwa Chabvutagondo (27) of Mapfumo village in Zvimba reportedly lured the women by promising to exorcise the evil spirits tormenting them.madzibaba

Chabvutagondo gave his first victim three stones with instructions to put them in her bathing water so she could be delivered spiritually.

He told her to come back after three days with soil from her homestead. Upon arrival on the third day, Chabvutagondo took her to an anthill where he asked her to wash her face using water mixed with the soil she had brought. He asked her to remove her clothes and he spread a red cloth on the ground before ordering her to lie down facing up before giving her a clay pot and an empty bottle.

Chabvutagondo asked her raise the two items three times simultaneously and she complied. He then took out a stirring stick which he inserted into her private parts three times while asking her to simulate intercourse. He then told her that the “spirit” had told him to sleep with her. He used the same method on the other victim.

The trial continues on May 27.