Man beats mum to death as dad watches


A man from Chiredzi allegedly fatally assaulted his mother, 87, in the presence of his father, 101, during an argument over pastures.

Daniel Mazvuma, 50, of Village 1 Wana Extension, struck Chenhare Mazvuma with a log on the legs, head and several times on the abdomen leading to her death some hours later. Daniel allegedly accused Chenhare of letting neighbours destroy their pastures.

During cross examination, Daniel who was represented by Dumisani Hwacha of Hwacha and Ndlovu Legal Practitioners denied having used excessive force to assault his mother.court-hammer

“While I agree that I assaulted my mother following a misunderstanding over thatching grass I didn’t use excessive force. Chenhare insulted me and I got angry leading me to committing the crime but I had no intention of killing her. I had to pick a bigger log and assault her twice as she also fought back. I was also drunk after drinking five litres of traditionally brewed beer,” said Daniel.
Appearing before Justice Joseph Musakwa sitting with assessors Eliphas Gweru and Samuel Mutomba, Daniel pleaded not guilty to murder charges.

He was remanded in custody to today for judgment and sentence.

For the State, Elson Chavarika, said sometime in May, 2014, at around 3PM Daniel arrived home from a beer drink.

“Upon his arrival Daniel found the father Fambisai Mazvuma, 101, and mother Chenhare home. There were some villagers, including his aunt Tsitsi Muzodziwa at the homestead, storing their thatching grass. This did not go down well with Daniel and he started accusing Chenhare of letting villagers destroy their pastures,” said Chavarika.

He said Daniel hurled insults at his mother including some of the unprintable words while demanding that she reprimands the villagers for cutting their grass.

Chavarika said at around 9PM, Daniel allegedly pulled a log from a pile of firewood before assaulting his mother while his father watched.

His father, the court heard, attempted to restrain him from further assaulting his mother, but Daniel would not listen and continued striking her.

After realising that she was unconscious, Daniel stopped and briefly disappeared into the darkness.

The old woman was pronounced dead on admission to Chiredzi Hospital.