MDARA BOB HAS NEVER BEEN HAPPIER: SISTER SAYS| President Mugabe’s sister, Dr Regina Gata, says the 92-year-old leader has never been happier following the birth of his first grandson.

Mugabe is in Singapore to pick up his wife, daughter and grandson. “The Mugabe family is celebrating as we speak. We have been blessed and are very thankful. My brother has always loved children, and the birth of his grandson has definitely given him a lot of happiness.“He has always had a special type of love for his sisters’ children whom he put through school and wrote letters to even when he was in detention.

Mr Robert Zhuwao, one of President Mugabe’s nephews, said: “To us, the birth of sekuru’s grandson confirms his legacy. It is a blessing as he has lived to see his family grow further. Our family has been enriched by this birth.

President Mugabe happy

Apart from us, his sisters’ children, he now has a grandson whose arrival we are all celebrating.” “He would always ask about their well-being and how they were doing
in school.

Now he has a muzukuru by his own child. This is very special to him. He always prayed that he would live to see this day.”