Roki finally finds a woman worth keeping


Urban grooves sensation Rockford “Roki” Josphats says he is now in a healthy and happy relationship, but wants to keep his romantic life under wraps.

 Roki, who had an on-off relationship with songstress Pauline Gundidza, opened up about his romantic life to The Standard Style on Friday.“You know I am at a place where even if I am with someone, I would still like it to be something that is private,” he said.

“I have someone that I am very happy with and people should not try to make it a big issue. What I am comfortable with making public is my artistic work only.”ROKI

The musician, who reportedly sired six children with five women, downplayed the rumour that he recently got engaged to a certain lady at a night joint.

“I do not know much about that,” he said.

The man behind the club banging Alleluya track would not be drawn to say much about his newfound love.

Last year the singer broke up with Ammara Brown under unclear circumstances and since then he has tried to keep his love life a secret. The singer has borne the brunt of a tainted reputation after being hauled to courts on several cases of child maintenance.