Soul Jah love points loaded gun at exotic dancer Chocolate


Popular dancer Chocolate – real name Vimbai Muzuva – has sensationally claimed that chanter Soul Jah Love pointed a gun at her after she refused to have a love affair with him.

 The controversial dancer said she has since lodged a complaint against the singer with Hatfield police under RRB number 2788091.

“Soul Jah Love came and harassed me along with my team and he ended up pointing a gun at me. I have since reported the matter to the police and they said they will advise me when they find him,” Chocolate told H-Metro.Souljah-Love2

Jah Love was not available for comment but his handler Marshall Bimha popularly known as Wadis could neither dismiss nor confirm the allegations against his artiste.

“These days I am going to work and I do not spend time with him. I need to see him (Jah Love) first. I don’t know what could have happened but I talked to the guys who were with him and they said they are not aware of such reports.

In happier times- Soul Jah Love and ChocolateIn happier times- Soul Jah Love and Chocolate
“Give me your mobile number so that I will furnish you with details. I need to find out if he had any misunderstanding with Chocolate but as for now sources in my camp say they are not aware of it,” said Wadis.

Chocolate, who recently grabbed headlines boasting that most men like her booty, claims Jah Love is the latest ‘victim’ but he wanted to use the ‘bullet’ to feel it.

“It was just after rehearsal when Jah Love blocked our car in mafia style. He disembarked from his car and started shouting at me along with my team saying we had assaulted his band member.

“I responded and he eventually pulled a gun and pointed at us but we remained calm. He then drove off with his team and we rushed to police to make a complaint,” said Chocolate.

“Those were all lies, we never assaulted any of his members but the problem is I turned down his interests in me. He wanted to date me but I refused, he used to look me at me with a ‘talking eye’ and I was already aware of his interests,” she added.

She said it all started when the two entertainers started having joint shows.

“Jah Love asked for my mobile number during one of our tours and I gave him assuming that it’s on business basis.

“He then started phoning me after working hours saying all sorts of things, telling me that he loved me and I ended up not picking his phone. During our recent tour of Bulawayo, he forced us to board his car and tried to convince me to take drugs but I refused.

“We ended up having a misunderstanding after he realised that I am not interested in him,” said Chocolate.

Chocolate said it is unfortunate that the Magetsi singer is not his type.

“These are some of the things that I encounter but it is unfortunate for him (Jah Love). He is not my type, I don’t date such kind of men, and it would be good for him to look for his class.”

The dancer cum singer’s manager Shepherd Tsandukwa said he got to know of the issue in Bulawayo when Jah Love used some mafia and ran away with the gate takings.

“We shared the stage with Jah Love in Bulawayo at Club 40 Forty and I was handling the gate; I was surprised when some mafia came and harassed my people and took all the money.

“Jah Love eventually left the stage and jumped into that car and they drove off. I then made enquiries only to realise that he was trying to force a love affair with Chocolate.

“So I think he was trying to fix her, he then came to our rehearsal and ended up pulling a gun,” said Shepherd.