Vuyo Mokoena was Zimbabwean?


VUYO Mokoena took a secret to his grave only known by his closest gospel music friend ‘Sis Ribbs’ Rebecca Malope, reported a newspaper.Vuyo83_nThe big secrete is that Vuyo Mokoena who passed on in 2008 succumbing to a brain tumor was Zimbabwean by birth.

At the time of his death, he had taken a sabbatical from music as he battled blood cancer and leukemia.

“Vuyo was Zimbabwean. The fact that I didn’t know for years is amazing because I think that he didn’t want to talk about it and I don’t know why. Later on at some stage that’s when I found out that he was Zimbabwean,” said Malope.

Malope said she discovered that Vuyo arrived in South Africa as a child (6 years old) with his father who came in search of greener pastures.

That could be the reason why he was conversant in Shona.

“Every time we were on stage he loved singing Shona songs. That’s when I said OK,” added Malope.

Malope poured her heart out on how Mokoena’s death took her by surprise.

“Vuyo was a very healthy person, he didn’t drink or smoke,” she said.

Malope was in Zimbabwe where she had shows in Harare and Bulawayo celebrating 30 years in the music industry.