In a choice of three, a Bulawayo woman prefers watching television or chatting on her phone than se_x with her husband. Phumuzane Tshabalala from Ngoboyenja suburb and husband to Senzeni Tshabalala is tired of playing third fiddle.

 He has even tried to switch off the TV but Senzeni in a protest like fashion would refuse to join him in bed saying she could not do without her favorite TV shows. Phumuzane bared his marital woes at the Bulawayo Civil Court where his wife sought a protection order against him. This was also after Senzeni claimed that Phumuzane has been verbally and physically abusing her since 2007.tv

In response, Phumuzane dismissed his wife’s claims saying she was the source of their marital problems because she does not give him the attention he deserves as her husband. “I disagree with all what she said.

I can say she is the one who is abusing me because she is denying me my conjugal rights. She is in the habit of watching television the whole night instead of being in bed with me. I will be alone in the bedroom and she has no time to have se_x with me because she would be busy watching television. Whenever I try to switch off the TV so that she joins me in bed she becomes violent,” charged Phumuzane.

Senzeni however, justified her reasons for watching TV than being in the bedroom with her husband. “The reason why I prefer watching TV than to be with him in bed is that he is se_xually abusing me by forcing me to have unprotected se_x despite the fact that he is suffering from a se_xually transmitted infection,” she said. Presiding magistrate Sheunesu Matova however, ordered Phumuzane not to verbally, se_xually and physically abuse his wife before he referred the two parties for counseling.