Female cop goes on a farewell s*x spree with ex-boyfriend days after being married


S*X sprees with several boyfriends have seen a newly established marriage collapse.

For that the Gutu bride Vimbai Dondo was last week ordered by Chief Gutu – Amon Edmund Masanganise – to pay back bride price after it emerged that she went on a farewell sex spree after her fiancée Munyaradzi Nheta, 38, from Dewure, Gutu had paid lobola.

A distraught Munyaradzi revealed how Vimbai went on to have sex with her four boyfriends after he had paid lobola of more than US$2 000 and three beasts.
Vimbai and Munyaradzi in happier timescop

Vimbai, 26, is a cop working in Harare while Munyaradzi is stationed at Kwekwe.

“After I paid lobola, Vimbai started making excuses and would not allow me to visit her.

“She would even give the phone to her boyfriends who in turn insulted me whenever I phoned.

“I was to find out that she was seeing two of her ex-boyfriends who she was even having sex with while I had already paid lobola.

“Aifanira kuperekwa pandakaroora asi aita zvinhu zvekuti kuperekwa kunonoke izvo aitira kuti awane nguva yekusangana nevakomana vake,” said Munyaradzi.

Following the rude awakening, Munyaradzi approached Chief Gutu who presided over the matter before ordering Vimbai to pay back half of the bride price.

When summoned by the chief, Vimbai said she did not love Munyaradzi who she accused of being arrogant; she said she will pay part of the money since they  had sex together.I do not love him anymore because he was involved with my sister. I will pay his money back but I don’t think that it is fair to pay him all his money since we slept together, also some of the money I picked on the day he paid lobola and I gave him back,” Vimbai told the court.

Munyaradzi said Vimbai was also violent such that she had assaulted him several times prompting him to report the cases.

“I reported three different Domestic Violence Charges against her last year and the other one is still pending at Ruwa Police station.

“She is a very violent woman who even destroyed my specs and tore my clothes. Things got worse and she applied for a protection order against me and l was banned to visit her place of residence at 2334J Tongogara road Ruwa, Harare where we used to stay together. I am hurt because I was not allowed to see my wife,” he added.

Munyaradzi said he feels let down by the woman he had married but had to accept that she did not love him.

He says even after having paid lobola, she made a lot of decisions behind his back and would even send her brother a former cop, to threaten him.

“At one time she was sick and was admitted for four days but I was not told. When I asked for the hospital card, she told me that her brother had the card.

“I then found out from her doctor that she had undergone some fertility tests without my knowledge. I am tired of this hide and seek game.”

He added that he has since found solace in the chief’s ruling and will try to move on with life.

Chief Gutu confirmed to H-Metro that the two appeared in his court on June 9 where he ordered the bride to pay back part of the lobola