Man beaten by traffic officials for parking on the side of the road.


GEROLD Khanye was brutally assaulted and lost four of his teeth – and he claims the people who did it were cops!sa-policeDaily Sun reported that the 53-year-old from Ivory Park in Ekurhuleni said he was in severe pain emotionally and physically. He alleges he was beaten by traffic officials for parking on the side of the road.

Shocked Gerold said the incident happened on Sunday while he was on his way to Kopanong Shopping Centre to have lunch with his son.

He received a call while he was driving and decided to pull over to avoid breaking the law.

He claimed: “I was on my phone when three traffic officers, two women and a man, pulled over and told me I wasn’t allowed to park there.

“I tried explaining to them that I was answering a call and wasn’t obstructing traffic but they said I didn’t know the law and they would teach me a lesson.

“They then wrestled me to the ground and handcuffed me before throwing me in their van and driving off with me and my son.

“They then started assaulting me. I was attacked and humiliated in front of my son. The Metro cops gave me the beating of my life. They even punched four of my teeth out!”

Gerold said his son was also very traumatised and was unable to go to school. Ivory Park cops said a case of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm was opened against the traffic officials. The cops were investigating but no arrests have been made yet.