Man ‘steals’ ex-wife’s panties


A Harare man, Charles Ngonzwe, is in the habit of harassing his former wife by forcibly entering the latter’s bedroom and taking her undergarments, the Civil Court has heard.

The matter came to light yesterday when Cecilia Chikafu made an application for a protection order against Ngonzwe, whom she said was of a violent nature.

Chikafu told the court she separated with Ngonzwe in 2014, but he was still coming to her house in Epworth and causing unpleasant scenes.panties

“He comes and breaks down the doors, and at times, he enters my bedroom and takes my underwear. I want him to be ordered not to come to the house,” she said.

The court also heard the two were involved in a house ownership wrangle, which had seen Ngonzwe demanding a share of the money which Chikafu collects as rentals.

“On many occasions, he comes to my house and demands the money that I collect as rentals from my tenants, yet he is well aware that I use that money for the children’s welfare,” Chikafu said.

In his response, Ngonzwe denied Chikafu’s claims, rather accusing the latter of being abusive during their marriage.

“I left her because she and her relatives used to gang up and beat me,” he said.

Ngonzwe also told the court he already had been granted a protection order against Chikafu and that he also wanted her evicted from the house.

Presiding magistrate granted the protection order, but said she could not evict Chikafu or bar Ngonzwe from the house.

“I am going to grant the order, but if you (Ngonzwe) are the owner of the place, make an application for eviction. If you go and visit the house, go in peace, don’t harass her,” the magistrate ruled.