Masvingo to turn all streets into designated pre-paid parking zones


Not so well-to-do motorists who have been leaving their cars outside the Central Business District in Masvingo in order to avoid parking fees will have no choice if the City Council’s plans to extend the designated pre-parking to all roads are not objected to.V C ParkingViolations NC

Masvingo Mirror reported that the City Council recently placed adverts in local provincial newspapers giving notice of its intention to extend the pre-parking zone to all roads in the city. It also called for anyone with objections to do so within two weeks.

Prosper Tiringindi, the chairman of the Masvingo Resident Trust said Council should not widen its revenue base at the expense of the poor.

“What we need at our council is not the widening of the current revenue base. What we need first is accountability to the little resources that are there. If we don’t do that council will continue to milk the poor and enrich top officials at the local authority.

“Vehicles worth millions of dollars have wasted away at the messenger of court and now they are coming back to get money from the poor; which will obviously be wasted again. We need to object this reckless way of mobilising and wasting resources,” said Tiringindi. “Notice is hereby given that, in terms of Section 228 of the Urban Councils Act Chapter 29:15, the City Council at its sitting on 21 April 2016 resolved to gazette the proposed draft Amendment to the Masvingo (Pre-paid Parking Disc Clamping and Tow Away) By-Laws Statutory Instrument 18 of 2015,” reads a notice published in the Press recently.

When contacted for a comment the Town Clerk Adolf Gusha said, “The purpose of increasing pre-parking areas is to decongest the city because parking space is limited.

“The best way to ration a scarce commodity is to increase its price. Some motorists have a tendency of parking their vehicles for more than a week at one place and we want to stop that”.

The streets that will be affected by latest amendments are; Simon Mazorodze Avenue from Greenfield to Bradburn Street, Herbert Chitepo Street from Kirton Avenue to Jason Moyo Avenue, Hofmeyer Street from Jason Moyo Avenue to the Great Zimbabwe University Law School and Hughes Street from Railway line in the south to Jason Moyo Avenue.

Other streets to be converted into pre-parking zones are; Bradburn Street from Railway line up to Jason Moyo Avenue, Greenfield Street from Kirton Avenue to Jason Moyo Avenue, Rekai Tangwena Avenue from Bradburn Street to Greenfield Street, Jason Moyo Avenue from Bradburn Street to Greenfield Street and R.G Mugabe Way from the Railway line on both sides to the south and north.