Save my son from p*rn.woman cries out


Johannah Mooki ran away from her house because her son watches too much porn and masturbates a lot.

WHEN Johannah Mooki (57) caught her son masturbating in the dining-room for the fifth time, she decided enough was enough.

But instead of getting her son to stop watching porn movies, the mum moved out of the house!slave

daily Sun reported that Johannah said she had to leave her home in extension 6 of Kagiso, Mogale City because she could no longer stand what her son Christopher Tshisi (30) was doing.

“I had to leave him to do what he likes in peace. When I talk to him about it, he becomes angry and that frightens me a lot,” said Johannah.

She said her son, who is apparently addicted to porn, needed help.

“He always buys porn DVDs. He watches it even when I’m around and starts to play with himself. It’s disgusting to see!” said Johannah.

Johannah said she left three years ago and now rented a house in Braamfisherville, Soweto.

She said she still sends money to Christopher. “He’s my son and I love him. I just hope he doesn’t buy more porn movies with my hard-earned money,” said the mum.

Christopher said he never meant to hurt his mum’s feelings.

“I never thought my mother had left because of me. I am so sorry. She must know that even when I have sex with myself, I use condoms. But I’ve cut down on watching porn because I’m trying to change.”