Teenager busted having s*x with Grade 5 ‘girlfriend’ in toilet


A Bulawayo man has appeared in court for allegedly raping a Grade 5 pupil whom he alleged was his girlfriend.

James Machemedze, 19, alleged that he proposed love to the 11-year-old girl last year and she accepted before they had se_x on three separate occasions this year.

The teenager was arrested after he was caught in the act in a toilet on the third occasion by the girl’s stepmother.court-hammer

Machemedze appeared before regional magistrate Chrispen Mberewere charged with rape and was remanded out of custody on $100 bail.

Prosecuting, Paida Zengeni alleged that the girl and Machemedze met sometime in 2015.

“Early this year, Machemedze visited the girl during the day and asked for se_xual favours and the girl ‘agreed’. They engaged in se_x and he went away,” said Zengeni.

“Again sometime in March this year, Machemedze visited the girl and found her alone. They had intercourse once.”

The court heard that on May 23, Machemedze visited the girl at around 7PM and requested for se_x.

“He asked the girl for se_x and she agreed. The two went into the toilet and had intercourse once.

“Machemedze ran out of luck when the girl’s stepmother opened the toilet door when she heard them whispering,” she said.

Zengeni said the stepmother found the girl na_ked while Machemedze was holding his pair of trousers.

“She informed the girl’s father who made a report leading to Machemedze’s arrest,” she said.