Will Mugabe concede defeat even if we vote him out by 80%?


When I was listening to a speech by nationalist leader Dr Joshua Nkomo, on how he wished for peaceful Zimbabwe and how Zimbabwean Robert Mugabe had betrayed the nation, I wondered if Mugabe could really be removed through the ballot box.President Mugabe

I love the man, but here I tend to defer.

Can a person who knows only violence be removed through peaceful means?

Mugabe knew that in 2008 he had lost the Presidential election by 75% to Movement of Democratic Change’s (MDC) Morgan Tsvangirayi, but he refused to conceded defeat – rather lying that he had only lost by less than a percentage.

What hope do we have then, even if we got out and vote en masse in 2018?

Can any serious minded Zimbabwean hope for Mugabe to voluntarily relinquish power?

Will Mugabe concede defeat even if we vote him out by 80%?

I guess not!

There has to be a Plan B.

We in the diaspora have to be prepared for a struggle – an armed struggle.

These people can not be allowed to continue wrecking havoc in our beloved land – they need to go.

The only language they understand is the gun – and surely they should get that language.

Mugabe was threatening veterans of the liberation war with the same violence of the 1980s genocide.

Is that a man after peace?

He is not after peace. He is after war. And if war he is after, war he will get.

Mugabe must go by all means.

He has caused the deaths of tens of thousands of Zimbabweans through his brutality.

He has killed thousands more through his misgovernance.

Millions more have fled the country as a result of his brutality.

Can we withstand this any more?

Can we just sit back and watch whilst this dictator continually unleash his vile on us?


We can not just sit by. We need action. And now is the time.

Let us unite now for a revolution.

Freedom can not just come. It comes at a prize.