Witch confessed in public she flies in winnowing basket


Villagers from Bhekeni Lot A and Mavholontiya in Ntabazinduna area, Matabeleland North saw a suspected witch “flying” in a winnowing basket in broad day light during a witch-hunting exercise. She was demonstrating how she carried out her nocturnal expeditions.

The witch hunt was reportedly carried out by two witchdoctors believed to have powers to identify witches and those in possession of dangerous muthi, snakes, tikoloshes and goblins for the purpose of amassing wealth.

It is reported that under the influence of their magic, a wizard or witch can be compelled to go and collect his or her charms or animals, he or she keeps for the purpose of bewitching others.witchhunt

It is alleged that during the exercise, a woman, Pauline Nkomo confessed that she was a witch and volunteered to demonstrate to other villagers how she carried out her evil practices in a winnowing basket.

She also paraded her witchcraft tools comprising a gourd, black cloth and animal skins.

A villager who spoke to B-Metro claimed that the two witchdoctors were invited to the area by traditional leaders after they were pestered by some villagers

“She supernaturally demonstrated how she flies with a winnowing basket during her witchcraft expeditions much to the shock of the villagers. Everyone was convinced that she flew.

“What happened is that during the exercise she sat in her winnowing basket with her tools and mysteriously disappeared before she was seen a few metres away from the scene. The witchdoctors told us that we cannot see her flying with our naked eyes as she was using juju.

“Although cases of witchcraft are usually treated under the veil of secrecy on that particular day everyone who witnessed the incident was convinced that witchcraft really exists after Nkomo openly confessed and demonstrated how she carries out her witchcraft practices,” said a villager who requested anonymity for fear of victimisation.

During the exercise, some villagers were also found in possession of snakes and goblins before they surrendered them to the witchdoctors for burning.

The witchdoctors warned all witches they sniffed out and doctored that if they decide to resume their evil practices they will die.